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Alison Murphy

I am writing to encourage people to learn about and support Tanya Simons in her re-election to our District 279 school board. I am a mom. My husband and I live in Maple Grove and our 3 kids attended Elementary, Middle, and High School in Maple Grove. I also work in Special Education as a Speech Language Pathologist for District 279 and have for many years. As an educator for children who have communication disorders it is important for me be a voice for my students as well as for their parents who are raising children with special needs. When I bring a concern or an idea to Tanya regarding our special education department, she listens. I know that it’s her job to listen but if you ever tried to discuss a problem with an elected official, you also know that it can be a rare quality. Tanya makes herself available after hours, on weekends or anytime to work with educators and parents to provide the best learning environment for ALL students. We need her energy, empathy, and strong voice for our students. Please take a moment to learn about her and vote to keep her on the District 279 school board.