MSBA Conference – Dr. Adolph Brown

  1. Stop believing everything you think
    1. Guard mouth from brain
    2. Common sense and a sense of humor
    3. Reboot your brain computer
    4. Grace; can’t earn is given to you, give it to others
  2. Excellence
    1. Perfection is a disease
    2. Music and art open all the learning centers of the brain at the same time
    3. Rules don’t govern behavior; relationships govern behavior
    4. Role model education every single day – more is caught than taught
  3. Servant Leadership
    1. If serving is below you, then leadership is above you
    2. Humankind; always try to be human and kind
    3. All means all
    4. Every day. Every student. By Name.
    5. Be the best human you can be
    6. Let’s look and the mirror and backpacks and get rid of anything that’s keeping you from being the best human you can be.
  4. Serving students
    1. Overtime not overnight
    2. No one changes over night; students don’t change overnight; you don’t change overnight
    3. Every student is a study of one
    4. There is something beyond college for everyone – 3E employed, enrolled, enlisted; one is not better than another