Community Engagement to Empower Scholars

I was blessed to have met Herb this past weekend while door knocking. Herb shared his personal life story of going from street life in Chicago to changing his life to become a business owner and now entrepreneur. He has a heart to help young people through his story and experiences.

I also had the opportunity to meet Andrew while attending my church service on Sunday. Andrew is an Osseo Senior High Graduate. He shared his story of overcoming early learning challenges to believe in himself and his ability to succeed. His passion and interest in finance led him to learn to make wise decisions early, becoming a home owner at age 23 and now a financial expert and real estate investor. He has turned his experiences into a business to empower others to fulfill their passions.

This is our community. These are the people that want to be involved to change lives and encourage and empower young people to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. We have many community members with experiences and skills that can help us do the work that the educational system cannot do alone, but we do not have a mechanism to harness this collective and untapped resource pool. I believe we can and must engage our community resources for the benefit of our scholars.

Thank you Herb and Andrew for amazing conversations and for your passion to help young people with your stories and gifts. We can and we will create more opportunities for our community to support every single scholar.