Creating Opportunities for Scholars in the Trades

The best part of my job is creating connections to add value for our scholars and develop new opportunities for their success. I am proud to have received endorsement by the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters for my support of expanding trades careers.

Trades careers provide excellent opportunities for well-paid careers and high-value skills with paths to further education, training, management, and entrepreneurship. As demand continues to grow, young people can enter the workforce quickly without debt and on a pathway to a successful future.

This past week, I had the opportunity to tour the NCSRCC’s training facility to see firsthand the breadth and specialization of their training programs. It was exciting to learn how they are creating America’s skilled workforce in collaboration with industry.

As a district, we continue to grow career pathways to ensure scholars can explore their future while also getting a head start in accreditation, experience, and knowledge. I am very excited at the new opportunities that will be developed as we collaborate with the NCSRCC in programming and with future trades organizations to benefit all ISD279 scholars.