What Does One Mission, Many Paths Mean?

I have had a unique personal and professional life path that has provided me with opened white and red gift boxthe opportunity to meet and learn from people with a wide variety of perspectives. As we all know from our human experience; our perspectives, philosophies, and ideas are formed by a multitude of factors including our experiences, talents, culture, faith, family, and more.  In an age when it seems that society wants to place us into easy to describe groups and boxes, my life story has given me the personal confidence to know that I do not and will not fit into a box, and that no other individual can either.

Over the course of my experiences, I have found that while we have many differences among us, when we are able to come together in a shared mission, we can use the richness of those differences to accomplish amazing things.  I have found in working withwoman holding six polished stones colleagues across the globe, volunteering with kids across communities, and personally living in a variety of circumstances, we have much more in common than we often realize. When we start from a place of what we share in common; we connect, we learn, and we accomplish together.


As parents across the district, I believe we all want our children to be successful – we want them to discover their talents, connect to opportunities to leverage their talents to turn them into dreams, and we want them to build the skills and capabilities to turn person jumping phototheir dreams into realities.  When we anchor to this common goal and shared vision, we recognize that while we may have different ideas to reach that goal, we are on the same team to achieve it.  When we are on the same team, we reach out to one another to understand what our members need for our goal to be achieved and we can determine better solutions together.

low angle photo of people doing huddle up

This is what I hope to build across our community if I am elected to the board. I envision a community in which each parent is confident and proud to send their student to each and every school in our district.  I envision a district that attracts residents and parents from across the metro to our communities because our schools enable their children to build their talents and sets them on a path to achieve their unique success story. This is what “One Mission, Many Paths” means. It means we are a district whoperson holding compass lives out our mission “To inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage, and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.” It means we communicate across our district and see ourselves as one team of parents, students, residents, and staff because we believe we believe in achieving our mission in the life of each student.  And most importantly, it means each student in our district has the best opportunities to achieve their own personal success story.