Summer Time!

Summer time will “officially” begin at the end of today for many students across our district. For parents, some of us are looking forward to it as eagerly as our kids – planning trips, talking with neighbors while the kids play in the street, and hosting backyard BBQ’s.  Others of us are scrambling to find that last program, camp, or family member to help with summer coverage while we work.

As a lifelong Minnesotan, and after this extraordinary winter, I cherish our summers and tend to try to pack in as many summer activities as humanly possible.  My husband is in the unique opportunity as a teacher to spend summer time with our kids. While this is an amazing blessing, I admit I’m sometimes jealous that I’m at work while everyone is enjoying summer fun. This summer, I’m looking forward to watching my kids participate in sports through the district’s community education programming. In particular, I’m excited to see if my kids will share my passion for track and field – but if they don’t, there are many other opportunities for them to try out and to test their passions and talents.

As I consider my summer and the color-coded family calendar hanging on my fridge, I really am thankful that our district has so many diverse summer options.  This also extends into our overall district educational approach. I believe our district has a real strength in the variety of educational opportunities our students have available to them. Through this diversity of enrichment, focused programs, and community partnerships, our students are able to have their unique talents and abilities encouraged and accelerated. I believe we can do even more to expand offerings to support the skills needed for tomorrow. At the same time, we need to continue to close gaps with support programs that are proven to  yield results.

As we prepare to head into our summer plans, I wish the best for you and your family.  I am hoping to use the longer days to slow-down and spend more time connecting with my family and children.  Here’s to another Minnesota summer filled with memory-making fun!